In our sail loft we manufacture all sorts of things

The sail loft is open all year – We collect and deliver all over the island!

  • Everything in PVC tarpaulins (any measurements and colours)
  • Screen fabric for agricultural machinery
  • Basin linings for nursery gardens
  • Winter tarpaulins and covers for boats
  • Basins for garden ponds (all sizes)
  • Every sort of tarpaulins for industry, shipping, etc.
  • Any special requests
  • Wire pressure up to 5mm with all types of terminal
  • Tarpaulins for covering hot asphalt
  • Sun and windbreakers, sail covers, hoods, etc.
  • Any repair of sails, hoods, sprayhoods, tarpaulins is made on a daily basis during the season, upon agreement
  • During winter we also make new sails in Duradon and any repair work of this type of sail cloth.

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Sejl- og Presenningsservice ApS

Sejlmagervej 2, 5960 Marstal

CVR: 37589411


DESIGN: Mark & Storm Grafisk